Young Girls, Youth and Sex

  • New Muslim Woman

    Statements of those who embraced Islam

    The clear, sincere and concordant statements made by people belonging to various races, countries and professions on why they had accepted Islam reflect their personal convictions concerning

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  • Saudis in Jama'a

    What if majority of Muslims will become corrupt?

    Question: When I do something sunnat, ahl al-bid’at (a person of religious innovation) says, “Everybody does the opposite of what you are doing. Is it only you who are on the true

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  • No One Free

    The brutality Palestinians are suffering

    It is with our deepest sorrow that we continually receiving the news of the unsolved Palestinian tragedy. The whole world has been shocked watching a human tragedy unfold daily. We are all

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  • ISIS Iraq

    Khilafah state ISIS declared is illegitimate

    Historically, many people embraced Islam freeing their hearts from the odious practices of ignorance and tribalism. Those true Muslims whose hearts pacified to the call of the Prophet

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  • Grand Mosque of Mecca

    Those who perform pious deeds will enter Paradise

    This letter is written to Mawlâna Abdulhây. It is declared in many parts of the Qur’ân al-kerîm that those who perform ’A’mâl-i sâlihâ (pious deeds) will enter Paradise. This letter explains this

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Belief in Angels

Belief in Angels

Belief in the Prophets