Young Girls, Youth and Sex

Why men are given authority over women?

Joint Family for Meal

In the Qur’ân al-karîm: “…and the women also have rights similar to those of men over them.” (Surah Baqarah: 228). Islâm elevated the status of women and established rights for them. However, giving them an equal status to men would make it difficult to establish order in the home. It is essential for there to

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Unchaste Young Girls and Corrupt Individuals

Muslim Girls

AN ELDERLY MUSLIM’S ADVICE TO HIS DAUGHTER ABOUT CHASTITY (HONESTY): Jenâb-i Haqq, in order to maintain the human species, created the attraction between men and women. But, at the same time, He is testing them in a very difficult way concerning this feeling, this attraction. The most difficult test which we will ever face in

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In Society, How Should A Young Lady Behave?

Three Killed North Carolina

In society and in the streets, how should a young lady behave?: The most proper attitude for a young lady is to be modest, sincere, plain and someone not provoking attention. A disrespectful and sarcastic attitude is a sign of corruption. A young lady with good conduct never looks at an unrelated male with concern and

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Mixed Life of Youth and Unlawful Sexual Intercourse

Mixed Life

It is written in the second volume of Majma’ul-anhur that our Prophet ‘sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam’ stated, “On the day of Judgment melted hot lead will be poured into the eyes of those who look lustfully at the faces of women who are nâmahram to them.” Stating the afflictions incurred by the eyes, Kâdizâda, who

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